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  1. Mad Catz  R.A.T. 4+ - Optical Gaming Mouse

    Reorder #:MR03MCINBL000

    The R.A.T. 4+ is built upon a lightweight chassis and features an accurate optical sensor, adjustable palm rest and 7 programmable buttons. With an incredible response time, the R.A.T. 4+ dominates the battlefield and levels-up your gaming.

    • Highly Accurate Optical Sensor providing 7200 DPI performance
    • Adjustable palm rest with super lightweight chassis
    • 7 programmable buttons
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  2. Mad Catz  R.A.T. 6+ - Optical Gaming Mouse

    Reorder #:MR04DCINBL000

    The R.A.T. 6+ is built with an aluminium structure, featuring an exceptional gaming-grade optical sensor, adjustable palm rest, and 11 programmable buttons. The R.A.T. 6+ delivers astonishing response times and gives you the power and accuracy you need to deliver a crucial blow to the competition.

    • Outstanding optical sensor with a 12000 DPI performance
    • Adjustable palm rest with aluminium structure
    • 11 programmable buttons
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  3. Mad Catz  R.A.T. 8+ - Fully Adjustable Gaming Mouse

    Reorder #:MR05DCINBL000

    The R.A.T.8+ provides gamers with the edge they need to win. Designed for the professional gamer, the R.A.T.8+ features a 16,000 DPI sensor, ensuring incredible accuracy when tracking your prey and providing perfect balance and instantaneous response when deep in battle. R.A.T.8+ comes fitted with high-durability switches, providing a life expectancy in excess of 50 million clicks, ensuring that your gaming mouse never lets you down in the heat of the battle!

    • Superior 16000 DPI for blisteringly fast performance
    • 50M clicks using premium high-durability switches
    • 11 programmable buttons
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  4. Mad Catz R.A.T. AIR - Wireless Gaming Mouse with Charging Pad

    Reorder #:MR04DHAMBL000

    Introducing the next-generation of gaming mouse, the Mad Catz R.A.T. AIR. A wireless gaming mouse and power pad combo. the all-new AIR reimagines the iconic R.A.T. design for the modern gamer. No need for an unreliable battery, the R.A.T. AIR draws its power directly from the included power pad which connects to your PC via USB. Ultra-fast wireless 2.4GHz connection ensures non-stop gaming which never lets you down. The legendary R.A.T. adjustability allows you to tweak your DPI, macro settings and even RGB lighting effects, bathing your R.A.T. AIR in colour.

    • No-Battery Design
    • Ultra-Fast Charging Speed
    • Super Lightweight of 96g for the Mouse
    • 3 Macro Settings with 11 Programmable Buttons
    • Premium Software for Customizing Mouse Settings and Lighting Effects
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  5. Mad Catz R.A.T. PRO X3 - Fully Customizable Optical Gaming Mouse

    Reorder #:MR05DCINBL001

    From the look to the feel to the performance, R.A.T.PRO X3 is the last word in precision, engineered for incredible agility, and armed with a magnesium alloy chassis that's light and super-strong. Swift yet strong, comfortable, and deeply customizable, R.A.T.PRO X3 was made to make you a better gamer.

    • EXOFRAME structure with highly customized key parts
    • 16000 DPI
    • Onboard memory for 10 Profiles
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